Structural Surveys for North Norfolk Properties

Residential acquisition surveys

Acquisition Survey (Structural Survey) from £290

A Residential acquisition survey costs from just £290.

Formally called a structural survey, it is a report resulting from a comprehensive scrutiny of a residential property. Acquisition surveys are the most exhaustive type of domestic property report. The residential acquisition survey will:

  • Determine construction method of dwelling.
  • Highlight the defect(s) within the building
  • Issue a report on the apparent grounds of discovered defects.
  • Propose suggestions for the appropriate corrective process of defects.

What is covered?

An acquisition survey covers full inspection of all elevations that are accessible to a surveyor. A member of our team will also inspect all reachable voids in the roof, reporting on any roof defects. We will also carry out an inspection of all the dwellings floors and walls and attempt to ascertain the design of the building's foundations from information currently available.

A North Norfolk Building Surveyors acquisition survey covers inspection of all accessible elevations.

We will give an ocular analysis of services and will provide effective guidance regarding specialist analysis or corrective action. We will also open and review unrestricted manholes and inspection chambers to review and report their condition.

Your report will also include typical defects that can be found within properties consistent with their age or construction method, albeit it not obvious on the inspection. This will provide reassurance and knowledge of potential issues with the dwelling.

Hazardous Substances

Where possible we shall identify hazardous materials, determine the potential problems and make recommendations for the successful management of the harmful materials. Examples of such problems could be lead pipes transporting drinking water from the water mains. Structural supports constructed from wood and mortar made using high-alumina cent contribute to a higher structural failure rate. We also check for asbestos in the building and, if found, will advise on how to manage the hazardous material.

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