Expert Witness for building and construction in North Norfolk

Highly experienced in producing expert witness reports

North Norfolk Building Surveyors with a wide experience in acting as an expert witness

Our team is very experienced in acting both as an expert witness and also creating an expert witness report on behalf of our clients.

The responsibility of an expert witness is to collect evidence, write a report about the evidence and, if necessary, attend court and give evidence. We have a good deal of experience liaising with court officials, solicitors and clients.

Examples of acting as an expert witness

A bathroom installation did not conform to currently held building standards; we prepared an expert witness report on behalf of the homeowner.

On behalf of a shop owner we prepared a report witnessing the affect of dust from building works on an adjacent property. The dust was affecting the quality of the shops contents on a daily basis.

We were asked to prepare an expert witness report about an outbuilding on the estate of a stately home.

Court attendance experience

Our team of surveyors have many years knowledge and experience in attending courts on behalf of our clients on various property-related matters; breach of contract complaints to simple boundary disputes and much more.

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